Admission Conditions:

It is stipulated for admitting candidates in the MA Finance and Banking to:
1- Have a BS in Economy with at least a good average from one of the universities or higher institutes in the Syrian Arab Republic in the domain HIBA majors, or another scientific degree considered by HIBA Academic and Students Affairs Council as an equivalent degree.
2- Pass the English Language Test according to the HIBA Board rules.
3- Present authenticated documents stating his/her education and work experience.
4- Present a 10-page study in one of the topics decided by HIBA Council.
5- Have an interview with the Admission Committee according to the items of Article 6 of this system.
6- Pay the academic fees according to HIBA rules after being admitted. 
Conditions of getting The MA degree:
1- To pass all the implemented courses according to the items of this system during a year after the program commencement.
2- To prepare a research, after passing all the courses, in a topic approved by HIBA Board within a period that is no less than a year starting from the Board approval to register the research.
3- To present a letter stating the results of his/her research to be accepted by the arbitrators after an open discussion. 
General Rules of the program:
The student’s attendance average must be no less than 85% of the total allocated hours for each course, and it is up to HIBA Council, when necessary, to justify the cases in which the attendance average is less than 85%, but on condition that the average in this case is not less than 75%.
The student is dismissed from the program in case he/she failed more than two courses.
The student who does not pass two courses maximum is entitled for a retake exam at a date decided by HIBA Dean and based on the Vice Dean suggestion.  In case of failing the retake exam, the student is dismissed from the program.
The passing grade for every course is 50% and every part’s grade must be no less than 50%.
The final grade of every course consists of two parts; the first part is the exam grade which is at least 50% of the final grade, and the second part is the assignment grade which is at most 50% of the final grade.  However, it is up to HIBA Board to amend each part’s percentage upon a suggestion by HIBA Council at the beginning of every academic year.
The grade of the courses is 55% and the grade of the research is 45%.
At least one of the courses advent in the teaching plan is taught in English, and it is up to HIBA Board, upon a suggestion by HIBA Council, to define these courses.



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