Registration Requirements/ Fees


Admission Conditions:

The following conditions are stipulated for the candidate to be admitted to prepare an MA in Management sciences-Finance and Banking major:
1- Having a BS at a good average from HIBA or any university or a higher institute in the Syrian Arab Republic in one of HIBA majors, or any academic degree considered by HIBA Council equivalent.
2- Passing the English test in accordance with HIBA Board’s rules
3- Presenting an authenticated file that includes his/her education and work experience and HIBA Council study the files and short-list the candidates.
4- Having an interview with the Admission Committee
5- Presenting  a 10-page research or study in one of the topics defined by HIBA Council
6- Paying off the fees in accordance with HIBA regulationsThe system, however, approved to form a specialized committee by HIBA Board to accept candidates and interview them to assess their applications according to the regulations approved by HIBA Board to decide the accepted candidates according to equality of chances
Scholastic fees



Annual fee

6000      S.P.

7200       S.P.   #

Services fee

300.000 S.P.

360.000 S.P.  #

IT Center

5000       S.P.


One time registration fee

2000       S.P.



313000   S.P.




Miscellaneous fees



Certificate issuance fee

2000    S.P.

100   $

Substitute student card

500      S.P.

500    S.P.

Grades transcript         

1000    S.P.

100   $

Retake exam  

1000    S.P.     

50      $


 Graduate managerial cadres that complement business sectors with different management specializations that get along with the globalization requirements. HIBA contributes as well to the social responsibility for human development with total commitment to business ethics.


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