Article 1:
HIBA grants a master degree in Management Sciences, Finance Major. 
Article 2:
Period of study lasts for two years at most.  The starting date is decided by HIBA Board; however, the period can be extended for another year at most based on a justified suggestion by HIBA Council for Scientific and Students Affairs.
Article 3:
HIBA board decides, on yearly basis, the number of admitted students to prepare the aforementioned degree according to the approved plan and availability. 
Article 4:
HIBA students are exempted from two courses of the teaching plan according to a suggestion from HIBA Council. 
Article 5:
The following conditions are stipulated for the candidates to be accepted:
a- To have a BA with a good average at least from one of the universities or higher institutes in the Syrian Arab Republic in the same fields of HIBA, or a scientific degree considered equivalent by HIBA Council.
b- To pass the English test according to rules specified by HIBA Board.
c- To present an authenticated file that includes a CV and work experience.
d- To present a 10-page research in one of the topics specified by HIBA Council.
e- To have an interview with the admission committee according to the provisions of Article 6 of this system.
f- To pay the scholastic fees according to HIBA rules in case of admission. 
Article 6:
HIBA forms an admission committee according to a suggestion by HIBA Council. The main task of this committee is to study the candidates files and to interview them aiming to assess them according to criteria defined by HIBA Board.  Finally, the committee presents the results to HIBA Board to decide the admitted candidates.
Article 7:
To get the Master degree, it is stipulated that the candidate should:
a- Pass all the obligatory courses according to the provisions of this system during a year of starting date.
b- Prepare a research after passing all the courses in a topic approved by HIBA Council on condition that preparation period does not exceed one year starting from the registration date.
c- Present his research results in a thesis to be approved by arbitrators after an open discussion.
Article 8:
To take the course exam, the student must have had an attendance rate of 85% from the total allocated hours for this course.  However, it is up to HIBA Council to justify absence in some cases in which attendance rate is less than 85%, but, in any case, it must not be less than 75%. 
Article 9:
The final grade of the course consists of two parts:
a- Exam grade: makes 50% at least from the total, final grade.
b- Activities: makes 50% at most from the total, final grade.HIBA Board has the authority to amend the percentage of these two parts based on HIBA Council’s suggestion. Article 10:
The passing grade of any course is 60%, but the grade of any part must be no less than 40%.
Article 11:
a- The student is expelled from the MA program in case he/she failed in more than two courses.
b- The student, who did not get the passing grade in two courses at most, is entitled to have a re-take exam at a date approved by HIBA Dean according to a suggestion from the Vice Dean.  In case of failing the re-take exam, the student is expelled from the MA program. 
Article 12:
Organizing the studying process of these courses is carried out according to the attached plan.
Article 13:
One of the courses at least is taught in English, and it is up to HIBA Board according to HIBA Council suggestion, to decide this course or other courses. 
Article 14:
50% weight is added to the grade of the research and 50% to the other courses to specify the graduation average rate in the MA. 
Article 15:
The same, valid discipline at HIBA is implemented for the MA students in exams.  In case of cheating in exams or plagiarism in the research, the student is grounded by terminal expulsion from the MA program.
Article 16:
All valid rules and regulations at HIBA are implemented for any non-advert case in this system.


 Graduate managerial cadres that complement business sectors with different management specializations that get along with the globalization requirements. HIBA contributes as well to the social responsibility for human development with total commitment to business ethics.


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