Frequently Asked Questions


1 - Are the Open Learning graduates entitled to apply for this program?
According to the Higher Education Council, it is not possible to accept them.
2 - What are the accepted majors in this program?
BS in Economy or Business Administration, exclusively, with a good average.
3 - Are graduates from non-Syrian universities accepted?
Yes, on condition that they get a degree considered equivalent by HIBA Council.
4 - How much is the scholastic fee for the program?
The total fees are 300.000 S.P.
5 - Is attendance obligatory?
Yes, the attendance rate must not be less than 85% of the total allocated hours for the course. It is up to HIBA Council to justify, when necessary, some cases on condition that the rate in this case is not less than 75%.
6 - On what days and at what time are the lectures organized?
Since the program is dedicated for non-workers, the lectures can be on any week day in the morning or in the evening, and the student must be committed.


 Graduate managerial cadres that complement business sectors with different management specializations that get along with the globalization requirements. HIBA contributes as well to the social responsibility for human development with total commitment to business ethics.


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