HIBA” is organizing a forum about the importance of launching the degree of DBA “ Doctorate of Business Administration”


Under the patronage and presence of H.H the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Mhd. Amer Al Mardini, HIBA organized a forum about the importance of  launching the degree of DBA “ Doctorate of Business Administration on Monday dated 27/4/2015 at Hiba theatre. The forum was attended by Dr. Fairuz Mousa - member of Al Baath Party National Leadership , deputy ministers of some ministries , deans of administration faculties, representatives of the Commerce and Industry Chambers, the institute board members and members of the faculty staff. The importance of this forum is due to the increase of the number of MBA holders who graduated from HIBA and other universities and their desire to complete their higher education by getting the degree of DBA, and due to the need of such a degree in the business market , since DBA is granted by many eminent universities around the world but still not existed in the Syrian higher education system. Since HIBA was a pioneer in launching the degrees of MBA and EMBA in participation with distinct European universities in order to supply the business market with qualified graduates , so it would like to keep going forwards and be the first to launch this new scientific degree in Syria.Worth mentioning that HIBA is the first governmental university that specialized in business administration and was founded according to law No. /40/ for the year 2001.



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